Different Languages

Different Ways To Learn Another Language Independently

Today, according to the 21st century there are about 6000 different languages. Some very common, such as the English language and some are very few even on the verge of extinction and disappearance from the world.

Do not delude yourselves that the English language is the globe common language although Mandarin language - Chinese is the most common, English is in the second place. There is no doubt that the knowing of one language is not enough in our days, starting from a trip around the world to a simple conversation between two people. Following the need for knowing another language an entire industry rose in different languages such as:

* external schools specializing in languages, learning the spoken language and business language.

* Translation software have been developed which can translate a word or phrase at the click of a button directly from various computer documents and web pages, for example: BABYLON.
Less known software is WHITE SMOKE which specializes in spell-checking and grammar checking.

Want to learn alone and keep your money?
There are several ways to learn second language alone and without any charge, here are some of them.

* You can certainly find around the web several sites that allow you making online translation for any text you want for free.
For example: the site "Tradukka" which offers a very convenient user interface.
Write text in one box in any language you want and at the same time there is a translation of the text in the nearby box. The site allows translation of 52 different languages, from the well known: English, Chinese, German and to the less known: Swahili, African and even Yiddish. You can also change the user language of the site to 52 of these languages

* Making a conversation call in any language you want to learn using computer speech software such as Skype Messenger etc. Please note that many people who use these software are looking for someone to talk to improve the language they want to learn. So you can find someone to talk to which match the level of your speech. In this case you can improve the speech and the writing as well.

* Reading a book, newspaper and anything else in the language you are interested to learn and improve. No need to spend money on buying books and magazines in the target language, you can start with reading websites in the desired language.

* Another way is very nice and enjoyable is to watch a movie or TV series in the language you want to learn, just remove the subtitles from it or hide them with black scotch tape (if you can't remove them). While you enjoy watching the movie / series you can understand and learn words from the context of what you see.
In conclusion, anyone can learn another language but there is no easy way. There are many different ways to learn another language, all that remains is to choose the way or method is convenient for you and start to learn and advance in your level.